SAPA-CT 1st Continuous Education Workshops Series in Pharmaceutical  Research  and Development

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SAPA-CT EC members and speakers

SAPA-CT EC members and speakers

The Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professionals Association - Connecticut Chapter (SAPA-CT) organized the 1st Continuous Education Workshops Series in Pharmaceutical Research and Development at Yale University on May 17th, 2014.

The workshop started with opening speech by Dr. Yongmei Li, senior principal scientist at Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals and vice president of SAPA-CT. In her speech, she emphasized the aim of the workshop series, which is to provide an opportunity for the pharmaceutical professionals and students to gain a broader knowledge about pharmaceutical industry and help with their career choice.

Three distinguished speakers were invited to present in the workshop. The first talk was given by Dr. Charles Xie, the director for Clinical and Exploratory Pharmacology at Sanofi US and the president of SAPA-CT. In his talk, he gave an over view of the clinical research and development in pharmaceutical industry, including the filling of Investigational New Drug (IND), different phases of the clinical trial, New Drug Application (NDA), etc. The importance of clinical research was  emphasized.

The following talk was given by Dr. Shuanghua Hu, principal scientist, Bristol-Myer Squibb Company, also the director of scientific committee of SAPA-CT. Complementary to the first talk on clinical research, his talk focused on the overview of the small molecular drug discovery process, illustrating how to narrow down from tens of thousands drug candidates to the final ones enters the clinical trial. The third speaker is Dr. David Liu, group director at Bristol-Myer Squibb Company. In the talk, he depicted a promising future for immune-oncology with recent clinical data on several cutting-edge immune checkpoint inhibitors.

The closing remark was given by Mr. Alan Lin, research scientist at Bristol-Myer Squibb Company and vice president of SAPA-CT.
The workshop attracted more than 60 audiences, including professional from pharmaceutical industry, postdocs and students from Yale. In a following survey, most audiences thought the workshop to be very helpful, well prepared and informative and they would love to attend the future workshop. We will continue to organize more workshops to provide an education and networking platform for pharmaceutical professional and students. 

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